2013   VOLUME I     ·     Tanz der Nicht-Tänzer              

2017   VOLUME II     ·     Tanz Europe Express                


2017 _ 14. + 15. Juli       VOL. I + VOL. II       THEATERDISCOUNTER  /  Berlin (Deutschland)
2017 _ 21. April       HAUPTSACHE FREI #3  /  Hamburg (Deutschland)
2014 _ 28. June       INFANT FESTIVAL  /  Novi Sad (Serbia)
2013 _ 7. + 8. June       Hoftheater Kreuzberg  |  Berlin (Deutschland)
2013 _ 15. November       Kana Teatr  /  Szczecin (Poland)
2013 _ 8. June       OUTNOW! Festival › Schwankhalle  /  Bremen (Deutschland)
2013 _ 9. + 10. April       Sophiensaele  /  Berlin (Deutschland)  

♦♦♦  JURYPREIS   /   JURY AWARD   ♦♦♦   100° FESTIVAL Berlin _ Sophiensæle 2013
2013 _ 23. February       100° Festival Berlin - Sophiensaele (Deutschland)  _PREMIERE_


TANZ EUROPE EXPRESS   ·   Vol. I   ·   Tanz der Nicht-Tänzer

We love to dance. We aren't dancers. We just dance for the sake of it. We feel at home in motion. What's that song? It's Perpetuum Mobile's last hit. Wait... Are we really dancing? I feel as if something else was dancing me, actually. Ah! The green fields of Europe, the rivers, the mountains... yes, the mountains! The mountain behind the highway, between the power plant and the big resort under a starry blue sky. Stars. My eyes... did I hit my face on the door again? Yes. They shoot horses. Nonsense? Europe. Und? Yeah!

TEE could finally come into reality after some unsuccessful attempts and lots of problems. It was born accidentally while three of us where dancing -or trying to dance- a really abstract techno track in an empty bar. "But... how do we dance nowadays?" was the question that arose of that revealing experience. After some months, the question turned into something even more wide (and imprecise): "Why, how and when do we dance? Where do we dance in our daily life? Together or alone? What has changed along the years since we were children and learnt what does actually dance mean?".
Some other questions and ideas popped up later and made their way into the project: the political and economic situation in Europe ie. the big 2008 Crisis (how could one ignore it?); Kraftwerk's anthem "Trans Europe Express" and the corresponding idealization of a bright, democratic and popular future of the European unity; All those almost daily technological revolutions; The ubiquitous loneliness in the big cities; The generational question: our parents and us, so far so close; etc.
And last but not least, the question that remains underneath of it all:
Does NEW necessarily mean BETTER? Taking a closer look to our present reality it is difficult to answer YES.
It is this the future we were dreaming of?
Or: What are we doing (so) wrong?


Die Leistungsträger und Anständigen begehen einen der schönsten Bälle der Ballsaison

Concept and Choreography: Marc Carrera
Performance: Ellen Gronwald, Helene Heuser, Kathrin Keusch, Marc Carrera, Michael Neuber, Radja Juschka
(Occasional replacements: Jasminka Stenz, Nina Niermann)
Music live: David Burda (Drehleier/Hurdy Gurdy)
Light design: Susana Alonso
Stage setting: Marina Epp


MDVZ     ♦     EUROPE