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Two Stones in the Jungle

25., 28.2. und 1.3.2015 | annual arts exhibition of HFBK Hamburg
8.-10.7.2016 Frappant Galerie, Hamburg
18.9.2016 Raum WOW + Symphoniker Hamburg (live streaming)
Choreography & Performance: Marc Carrera, Gloria Höckner, Su Jin Kim
Trailer: Katharina Swoboda

We asked 17 visual artists to send us a "gesture" and thus received 17 answers in the form of pictures, videos and texts. We translated these artistic gestures into 17 performative modules consisting of performative scores, games and movement principals. We assigned each module a title and developed the "jukebox system" which allows the audience to select a title which will then be played by us - like a jukebox. Because of this game-like structure of the performance, the audience becomes a co-author of the choreography. Two Stones in the Jungle is a real-time composition that emerges from the interaction of the audience members with the choreographic system as well as of the interaction between the singular participants. It playfully explores the relation between structure and freedom, system and openness. It is the choreography of the momentum as well as the choreography of social relations.

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